A Caring Home for Leap and her Siblings

She brushes the two little boys’ hair and makes sure they have enough water to drink.
Food is scarce but she always makes sure they don’t miss out and will serve them first.
She covers them with her frail little body to shield the boys from their father’s heavy blows.
When the father comes home, she helps them hide. He is a bad man.
She is 9 years old, and her two little brothers are 6 and 2 years old.  
After years of drunken violence from the father, the children’s mother was forced to run away to save herself. The father would beat his own mother and neighbours. The father’s beatings became worse, and when the police finally intervened, the children were found with welts in their heads and cuts and bruises all over.
The children have spent two weeks undergoing intensive medical check up and treatment for malnutrition. But today, they will be placed into a new home.
Sokharyma, a senior counsellor at Hagar, is on her way to introduce the three children to their new foster parents.
This home is a foster family specially trained by Hagar to welcome siblings who have come from difficult backgrounds.
Find out more about our foster care programme. View this infographic.