Most women who come to Hagar have suffered severe abuse and exploitation – many at the hands of their own family. The resulting trauma can be deep and prolonged. At Hagar, each woman is able to begin her journey to wholeness. Wholistic recovery services, including art therapy sessions and counselling help promote self awareness and healing.

Trang is a Hagar Vietnam social worker who has spent the past four years working with abused and exploited Vietnamese women. Along the way, she has discovered that the journey towards wholeness is as much for staff as it is for the women they serve.

How You Can Help

Please help us fund the art therapy room renovations. The total cost to bring the facility and program where it needs to be is $10,000. That means, if 200 of our supporters could give $50, we can meet our goal and allow the art therapy program to help even more survivors through their recovery journey.

When you give, we will provide you with updates as we move forward with this important project.

You may choose to give $50, or another amount. Please add “For the Art Therapy renovations” in the notes section on the online giving form when you give.

If you are unable to give at this time, we would appreciate you sharing this Web page with friends and family via email or through your social networks.