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When Chantou came to Hagar she was suffering from severe abuse at the hands of the one person she thought loved her….her husband.  The violent outbursts began when her husband learned Chantou was pregnant.  He accused her of having a boyfriend.

Each day Chantou was beaten severely.  Then, in one fit of rage, Chantou’s husband locked her away for five days. Finally rescued, Chantou was brought to Hagar along with her seven-month-old baby.

When she came to Hagar she was a frightened and broken woman.

Over time, Hagar helped Chantou deal with the trauma of her abuse. Her dignity was restored.  She began to believe in her own self-worth. She realized she is beautiful.

Now trained as a cook, through Hagar’s Transitional Care program she began reintegrating back into her community.

Today, Chantou is on the road to becoming whole.  Recently she told one of our staff:

“Even though I have a lot of problems, my life is a lot better. I have learned skills for a job and I can support my child.  I am no longer imprisoned by my husband.  I have a job at a local Phnom Penh restaurant and in the future I want to have my own restaurant.”

Chantou’s story is a good example of the whole journey, from broken to whole.  Once a young girl without hope, she now feels hope for her future as she makes a living wage and pursues some of her dreams.

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