My name is Channa, and I am 20 years old.

Before I came to Hagar, I was hopeless. My daily life was so difficult. My family did not have enough food and my      step-father was violent. He abused us all, even my grandmother. During that time, I lived in fear every day. I had no hope for my future.

To make matters worse, my stepfather wasted our money on alcohol and his nightlife with other girls. Because of his lifestyle he became HIV-positive, and he infected my mom and two sisters.

One day my mother brought my sisters and me to Phnom Penh because my youngest sister was very sick. A week later she died. After that, my mom asked a taxi driver if there were any organizations that could help us. The taxi driver gave her Hagar’s address and the three of us were accepted into the shelter.

One year later my mother had died of AIDS, and my sister and I began living with a Hagar foster care family. I slowly learned to live a better life. I made new friends. I learned to love God.  I became strong and confident.

I finished my studies at Hagar’s Catch-up school, and I realized the importance of education. In three months, I will graduate from high school!  I want to continue to study.

I’ve learned that we may experience bad things in our lives, but we must not let these experiences control our futures. What happened has already passed. What we need to focus on is the journey forward.

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