Because it is the beginning of hope.


“It’s been 12 years since I first came to Hagar and my life has changed a lot…My friends at school say I am friendly and kind…I think we are all walking this journey of recovery and we all support each other in our dreams.” -Sophea


12dd65a0-dd7a-435a-bd1e-63e38ff831d4Instead of the lonely, terrified child that was taken in by the Commune Chief, Sophea has grown into a young lady surrounded by friends and support. Along with her friends, Sophea is continuing to be restored one day at a time from the effects of the hardships she has had to endure. Through the programs and care of Hagar, she has been given the opportunity to have a new life that is filled with possibility and hope.

Will you help Hagar bring hope and restoration to the women and children in our care by Creating Paths of New Life? Anything you can give will make a difference in their lives.


Some specific needs include:

$20 could ensure one trauma counseling session for one client

$25 could ensure legal assistance for one girl

$50 could cover transportation fees for one girl to visit home twice a year

$70 could provide two sets of new clothes for one girl for one year (includes shoes and full set of clothing) or could provide a complete medical check-up for one survivor (full health check-up, blood test, etc.)

Create a Path for New Life