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“The other children went to school but I stayed and took care of cows at the field.” -Sophea


img_9381Sophea was never allowed to go to school though she desired to learn. Since escaping the family who enslaved her, she was able to start school. Commune Chief Chhun says, “She’s a successful student and I’m so happy to hear that she’s giving back to the community, helping empower girls like that little grille, hurt and abused, that she used to be.” Sophea started her senior year in University back in September of 2016. She has tried to volunteer to help in community outreach-helping disadvantaged children in the villages. Sophea says, My passion to help girls like me has become stronger…I dream of opening up a shelter for girls who experienced abuse, like me.”

In spite of the abuse she has experienced, Sophea is striving to impact the lives of girls like her. She is not going to let her circumstances quench the passion that is only growing stronger and stronger as she continues to heal.

Education support:

$60 could provide a daily breakfast each month for two students.

$250 could cover one survivor’s tuition fees for one school year.

$500 could provide school materials for 16 girls for one year (materials, bags and uniforms).

$2500 could provide tuition fee for one school year studying Medicine.

Will you Create a Path for Passion in the lives of the women and children at Hagar who desire to make a difference in the lives of those around them?

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