Because true restoration begins with a place a refuge.


“The first time I came to Hagar, I was very happy – happy to escape a life of violence and running away. I was happy that I found a safe place. At Hagar, I found parents who loved me…I finally got what I always wanted.” – Sophea


 img_9399Sophea tried many times to escape the families that were taking advantage of her but every time, they would find her and punish her. However, one day she did escape and was given refuge at the Commune Chief’s home and later Hagar to begin healing. There are many brave women and children at Hagar who escaped their situation looking for refuge. In the last two years, Hagar opened up a high security shelter in an undisclosed location to house women in Vietnam. They are able to feel safe, secure, and free while I rebuild their lives. Through your generous contributions, we are able to provide security to those who seek refuge at Hagar through shelters and also families who are willing to foster survivors.

Would you consider Creating a Path for Safety so restoration can truly begin for the women and children who come to Hagar?

Some specific needs for foster care include:

$135 could help provide monthly food support to a survivor in a foster family

$450 could help cover the cost of a foster family’s care training, parenting training, and other training related to understanding traumatized survivors (2 time training session and one refresher session per year)


Create a Path for Safety