Because change must be initiated by action.


“The last family I came from found me and wanted to take me back. But the village chief didn’t let them take me because he knew they were abusive towards me. This was the first display of kindness I witnessed from someone since I was born.” -Sophea


villagechiefandwife2This is Commune Chief Chhun Ngonn and his wife of 49 years. This couple changed the life of Sophea forever. Instead of turning her away or returning her to the other family, they kept her. Chhun says, “I found out about Sophea’s past and realized that the husband of the family she escaped was an evil man…I worried that she may be abused, raped by him or worse still, that he might sell her for sex.” After the man was interrogated, Chhun and his wife gained custody of Sophea. Though it was difficult in the beginning, the chief and his wife soon began to gain Sophea’s trust. “We took her in and had to keep her safe…The poor girl had never been shown any love. She would run and hide under the table like the reaction of a girl who’d received such terrible violence against her,” explains Chhun. After two months of having Sophea in their home, the couple knew that she would need to go somewhere else to receive a good education and future. Chhun realized that he had a connection with Hagar and after asking how Hagar would ensure her safety he agreed that Sophea would be sent there. On the day Sophea left, Chhun says, “It was too emotional for me to see Sophea leave us. I loved her like me own daughter…All our family still remember her fondly as our sister/daughter. We will meet soon and I can’t wait.”

Will you follow in Commune Chief Chhun’s example and a Create a Path for Change for women and children who are in the same situations as Sophea?


Create a Path of Change