After attending the 2012 Passion Conference Dana Len, a recent college graduate in Florida, was struck hard by the reality of human trafficking.  It wasn’t until two weeks later when she was jogging that she realized she could do something to make a difference.  She wasn’t a musician or artist – she was runner.  She decided to organize a 5k run/walk to give freedom to women and children at Hagar.

“I’ve never been hit so hard. I read so many stories of sadness in the world. Human trafficking hurt me.  It was devastating. I wanted to help people. So the race for freedom was to end human trafficking and to restore someone’s life,” says Dana.

She secured a location in a local park, created her own fundraising page online, collected donations, and enlisted the help of friends and family. Each runner registered to participate in the race for $27, representing the 27 million people in slavery today.

“Promoting it was fun. My boyfriend designed the t-shirts. I asked my church for donations to fund the flyers and a local grocery store for snacks after the race.  I called sponsors to get everything donated, so that every penny went to Hagar.”

Dana raised $2,700 for Hagar.  We are so grateful to Dana and other volunteers and advocates.  Dana told us, “My hope is that people would open their eyes to the world around them. We are here to serve our brothers and sisters. I pray that people give selflessly to fight this and I hope to inspire someone else.”

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