Ambassadors for Abolition are passionate individuals who are dedicating their time and talent to the fight against injustice in unique and innovative ways. We want to see you connect your passion, hobby, and skill to the cause. You can make a difference by doing what you love! Be inspired by these individuals.

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Dancing Circles Around Injustice 

As a young mother and choreographer, Marquita Burke – De Jesus didn’t think God could use her to fight human trafficking. Then she found out about Hagar’s Community Learning Center and how she could help. She’s been dancing circles around injustice ever since.
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Stitches for Hagar

In Georgia, a friend of Hagar uses her hobby to transforms lives. Emily says that she wasn’t really conscious of human trafficking until a few years back. Suddenly, she was compelled to get involved “Everybody has something that they already know how to do. For me, it was sewing.” 
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Jewelry for Injustice

Fifteen-year-old Jacob Hill, of Oswego, Illinois, was deeply impacted by a magazine article about sex trafficking. After reading the article, he immediatley took action and began his jewerly making project. Read his story.





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