Georgian woman uses hobby to transform lives

Emily and family in her creations

Most afternoons, Emily Gross, of Kennesaw, Georgia, combats human trafficking with her sewing machine. Two years ago, she started taking online orders for children’s clothing. While her own children nap from 2:00 to 4:00pm, Emily sews. Each month, she donates 100% of the profits from her cottage industry, called ‘Stitches 418’ to Hagar. As a result, Emily’s sewing is transforming lives of women and children from devastating backgrounds.

Emily says that she wasn’t really conscious of human trafficking until a few years back. Suddenly, she was compelled to get involved. Without much money of her own to give, she got creative. “One thing I knew how to do is sew,” Emily told us. Beginning with a FaceBook blast and an announcement on her blog, she posted photos of clothing she was ready to make and began taking orders.

Emily’s enterprise is small scale. She doesn’t even keep fabric on hand. But each month, without fail, she sends off a check to Hagar. It’s always a different amount. It’s always appreciated. And it always helps women and children from backgrounds of trafficking and abuse become whole again.

Emily isn’t looking for a whole lot more business, as her sewing time is limited. But she’d still love to have you visit her blog. Most of all, Emily wants to encourage others to come up with their own ideas. “Everybody has something that they already know how to do. For me, it was sewing. So this has worked perfectly for me. I love doing it.”

Luke 4: 18: To proclaim freedom for the prisoners, to release the oppressed.

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