You can make a difference for survivors of trafficking and abuse through one simple lifestyle change!

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Pack your lunch 2-4x a month when you would normally buy lunch.

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Give $20-40 a month or more (the amount you would have spent on lunch for that month) to aid in the aftercare of survivors of trafficking and abuse.

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When you become a monthly donor, we’ll send you a Pack for Traffick sticker! Use thPack for Traffick sticker on your lunch box to spark conversation with others and advocate for victims of trafficking.


By packing your lunch several times a month, you can also improve your health by cutting 20-35% of calories and decreasing salt intake and daily cholesterol.

Ideas for Pack for Traffick

Planning to go out with friends?

Decide to pack lunch or dinner and donate the cost of a lunch/dinner to Hagar.

Are you a member of a health or fitness club?

Start the Pack for Traffick trend with friends who are passionate about health and fitness.

Work at a business?

Encourage a health initiative to pack on a certain day of the week and donate to help survivors of trafficking and abuse.

Part of a group that meets weekly or monthly?

Pack your food and make a difference by becoming Pack for Traffick monthly donors!


Note: The figures above are representative. Any donations in excess of this program’s need will be allocated to the area of greatest need.