Respect  Hagar believes that each person is of equal value having been made in the image of God.  Each client is worthy of unconditional love and quality professional services without regard to their social status, personal capabilities, or responsiveness to Hagar’s care.

People Hagar will ensure that the Christian identity of the organization is preserved through the hiring of its staff.  Board members, CEOs, and Country Leaders must be wholeheartedly committed to all aspects of the Hagar Identity and willing to work poactively towards their fulfilment.  Hagar ensures that all staff are introduced to Hagar’s Identity through recruitment, orientation, and management practices.

Prayer Hagar recognizes that prayer is a vital foundation for all Hagar entities and ensures that opportunities for a diversity of prayer practices are integrated into organizational life. Prayer is important to our transformation, our planning, our spiritual well-being and our unity as a community of service.

Nurture Spiritual nuture and prayers are woven throughout organizational life in ways that are sensitive and respectful to staff and clients who do not share our Christian Identity.  Hagar will provide voluntary opportunities in all Hagar entities for staff and clients to gather for discipleship, prayer, fellowship, pastoral care and renewal.

Acceptance Hagar will respect all staff and beneficiaries who hold a different world view or religion. Consistent with Jesus’ example, Hagar will never discriminate in its support and services to clients on the basis of belief.

Church Hagar is not a church. Hagar recognizes and supports the important role of churches in the spiritual nurture of the Hagar community and in partnership with Hagar’s mission. We believe that practices that manipulate people into the church lack integrity, exploit the vulnerable and dishonor God.

Ethical Practice Hagar entities will maintain high standards of ethical practices, including fair wages and worker conditions, concern for environmental impact, exercise of authority for general well-being and not personal gain, legal and tax compliance, truthful disclosure, integrity in marketing, and stewardship of resources.

Well-being Hagar staff members do hard things in dark places under difficult circumstances. Hagar is committed to carefully selecting and preparing staff members for service, promoting well-being and life balance and encouraging professional development, so that each models the resilience and transformation we desire of those we serve.