When you donate to Hagar, here’s how your gift transforms lives:

$20      Books and materials to teach one woman to read.
Kim grew up poor. Then, her parents died. In the midst of an abusive marriage, her mother-in-law tried to sell her for sex. When she got to Hagar and learned to read, it was the first time she knew that she was good at something. Her life started to change.

$30     Intensive counseling services for one month.
Qujen was 13 when she was sold to a brothel by her own mother. After six dark months of unspeakable abuse, she was rescued. After one year with Hagar, Qujen had begun to heal. She told her counselor, “The blackness is going, and God is shining in my heart.”

$250      One teacher’s monthly salary.
Taree came to Hagar after years of sexual abuse. She had anything but a normal childhood. She had rarely attended school. Then, after two years at Hagar’s ‘catch-up school’, she reached her age-appropriate grade level. Hagar helped her integrate into a Cambodian school. Now, she dreams of becoming a doctor.

$500   Three months’ training program to prepare one woman for sustainable employment.
At 17, Bhoupa received an offer too good to be true. The promised waitress job turned out to be life in a brothel. She escaped once, only to be returned. Then, Bhoupa’s siblings sold their home to buy their sister back. With no job, Bhoupa was still vulnerable. Through Hagar, she studied cosmetology. Now, she runs her own salon, is married, and has started a family.



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