When given the opportunity, anyone can rise to greatness.


Thanks to our generous donors, Hagar is able to provide schooling, skills training, economic empowerment, and so much more to the women and children in our care. As a result of these provisions, the people who are hurting and traumatized can grow and make a true difference in the world. They embrace their stories and are empowered to share what has happened to them in order to make change happen.

soIf you will recall, last year we introduced you to a young woman in our care named Sophea. She was sold into slavery at a young age and was beaten when she would try to run away. Through the kindness of a village chief, she was kept safe until she was placed in our care. Years of schooling, counseling and training later, she is now thriving and making a difference. In August of 2017, Sophea went to the Australian Parliament meeting to share her story about human trafficking to shed light on its destruction and the need to end it. The picture link to the right has a video of the Chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Aid Sub-Committee.                                                                                    At minute 2:00 he shares Sophea’s story.

Hagar also has a bright future ahead.

  • We have started capacity building other non-profits serving survivors of human rights abuses in Myanmar. Hagar is looking to expand our capacity building services to other post-conflict nations in the near future
  • We are building relationships with banks and law firms in New York City to help build awareness
  • We have been awarded the opportunity to develop the national social work standards in Cambodia, and training Justices in 2018 on best practices for victims

That is only the beginning of what we can accomplish together. Partnering with Hagar ensures a fight to the finish against human rights abuse in whatever way we can. Through fighting alongside other NGOs, banks, governments, local communities,  and others who are willing to join us to end this epidemic. We all have a part to play. Will you fight alongside Hagar to bring brighter futures to the people we serve around the world?


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