No matter what the women and children we serve have faced, Hagar knows that it is never too late for hope.


Though hope cannot be quantified, it can be seen and shown. There isn’t a timeline to tell when hope will begin to return in a person who has experienced trauma or how that hope will motivate people. Hagar served over 1,100 clients and reached nearly 6,500 family members in 2016. Hope is spreading through the work we do with our clients, their families, local businesses, partnering non-profits, and government.


A quote from a client who attended an art therapy group session, “I drew a tree. This tree was nearly dying, but there was hope for it to continue to live. Now this tree is growing to become a beautiful tree. It is like me, my life was like that tree too but now I realize that life has worth and I have to continue to live and grow to become like a beautiful tree.                                                                                                                                                                          We have also seen some of our older clients become mentors and share the hope they have received (click here to see a short video). Hagar strives to bring healing to the women and children that come to us so that they can go back into their community and make a difference; so they can share hope with the people around them. That is how we will accomplish our vision to see communities free and healed from the trauma of slavery, trafficking and abuse.

You can help Hagar bring hope into the lives of those we serve. Will you partner with Hagar in Lighting their Way to Hope?

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