Mrs. Lim Chan Lida, a lawyer from a partnering NGO, said, “This training improved my work with traumatized children, giving me tools to help children build the confidence needed to speak in the courtroom.”


IMG_3968_JPG (1)Not many countries in the world have the legal protection in place to help children who have been trafficked, abused, or are witnesses to a crime. Unfortunately, in many countries (including USA) when police officers arrest traffickers and abusers, they also often arrest the ones being trafficked and abused. Hagar is doing all we can to help child victims and witnesses to safely go through the legal system without being further traumatized.                                                                                                                                                    Hagar has created books “Bona Goes to Court” and “Who’s in the Court?” specifically to help children in Cambodia become more aware of the legal system. These resources along with many others help the children feel more confident going into a courtroom and helps their representatives feel more prepared in helping children in the court system. In 2016, Hagar was able to give legal support to 351 clients!

Some more exciting news, Hagar has been awarded an opportunity to develop the national social work standards in Cambodia, and will be training Justices in 2018 on best practices for victims.

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Here is a short video on our Legal and Protection Unit in Cambodia.