The Asian Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Chapter at Michigan State University is one of multiple groups around the country which are transforming lives at Hagar Cambodia, through One Chapter, One Child. “The project allowed us to care more for the world…” said Ben Low, Intervarsity Leader. er, One Child. “The project allowed us to care more for the world…” said Ben Low, Intervarsity Leader.

“Hagar gave us a tangible way to make a difference in the life of one girl. The goal felt attainable, and we could make a difference that was immediate!”   —Ram Sridharan, IV Leader at Ohio State University

Hagar launched One Chapter, One Child, a project with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IV) groups across the United States. Through a fund-raising packet provided by Hagar and creativity supplied by university groups, more children from backgrounds of abuse, human trafficking, and extreme poverty can stay in school. Challenged to support one child— at an annual cost of $600 — many IV groups have exceeded the goal. At Ohio State University, Ram Sridharan’s group was one of them.

“Our InterVarsity group wanted to deepen our commitment to spiritual formation and justice…. We chose to fast on Fridays till sundown. At sundown we ate a simple meal that would be eaten by the poor. We asked our communities to not buy food from a restaurant but to eat what was in their pantries and invite others to share. We set aside the money to give to Hagar’s One Chapter, One Child as a way of supporting the education of a victim of trafficking….The response from the group was amazing. Many people entered into the spirit of Lent, fasted and gave. By God’s grace we were able to support over four children!”

We are touched and amazed by groups like Ram’s and the Asian IV Chapter at Michigan State. “Often times college students think they are poor,” says Ram Sridharan, “but compared to the world’s population, we are very wealthy.”

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