Where do you live?

Kabul, Afghanistan

What’s your job at Hagar? How long have you been there?

Bronwyn – Hagar Afghanistan Country Director. In this role since April 2011 but previously worked for Hagar Afghanistan. in 2008-9.Originally moved to Afghanistan in 2003.

What does your job involve?

Bronwyn – overseeing the activities of Hagar Afghanistan, everything from assisting with program planning, donor relations, managing staff etc

What do you miss most about NZ?

 It’s greenness – grass, trees, fields and gardens. Family and friends (I think one of our recent newsletters summed up our sense of having lost some stuff by being here – but no regrets either!)

What’s the best thing about working for Hagar/any highlights that stand out?

Being involved in something significant. Working with nationals to see care provided for those who currently have nothing. Family is so important in Afghanistan and for those whose families don’t provide the protection and security it is designed for, then there is only a world of shame and rejection.

What’s the most challenging/difficult thing about your job?

Balance between home life and work (the more you work you do, the more good you can do but then other things suffer) and seeing the enormous need and wanting to do more but having limited time and resources as a small NGO. More money and more people required!

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