Surviving is not enough. A broken life must heal in order to be whole again.

Hagar provides immediate shelter and community-based recovery services, intensive post-trauma counseling, 24-hour support from house mothers, help with medical needs, art therapy, dance, sport, life skills training and other opportunities to develop self-worth, resilience and confidence.

Becoming whole is unique for each person. Hagar is committed to being there for each survivor—for the big and little moments—to walk the whole journey together.

Because that’s what it takes to restore broken lives to wholeness.

The Lighthouse, Afghanistan

The Lighthouse, Hagar’s Transitional Care Center in Afghanistan, is a wholistic support program for women and children who have been victims of gender-based violence or other human rights abuses. It is for women and children who cannot go home because the threat of violence, exploitation and even death is very real.

The center is a place of refuge. With a big garden and big windows, plenty of natural light floods in. It is in this space that women and children begin their journeys towards wholeness. Here, each client is taken care of. From the simplest things like meals and clean sheets – to complex ones like post-trauma counseling, education and literacy, and accessing legal representation and health care.

The center helps women and children transition from being victims of abuse to becoming resilient and active members of society. The center gives each woman voice.

Women like Aziza have found freedom, safety and new life at the Lighthouse. Read her story here.