The Justice Challenge is simple. It requires just a few minutes from your busy schedule…and you can commit to the challenge to whatever degree feels right for you. As we suggested, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can make an impact on a human rights abuse survivors’ life. The money saved from your giving up a cup of coffee (or other challenges below), along with others who are taking the challenge, turn in to a holistic array of trauma recovery services. Those services bring justice, hope, healing, and a brighter future. While it is a sacrifice, it does not cost you any more money than you had already planned to spend, but now the money will become a tool for justice. Take the Justice Challenge today and show your support and solidarity with survivors of human trafficking, slavery and abuse.

I commit to:

*Walk or bike one or more trips per month                    $5 per trip

*Pack my lunch 1 more time per week                          $10/week, $40/month

*Give up 1 cafe drink per week                                       $15/month

*Stay in one night this week

(instead of a night on the town)                                         $25/week

*Buy one less article of clothing this month                    $35/month

*Customize your own commitment                                 any value


Make a one-time or monthly commitment to give up one or more items from the list below, and then give the amount you saved to support survivors in Hagar’s specialized trauma recovery programs.

*Note: (Prices are by person and can be customized for couples and families)

Total up your commitment(s), click Donate Now, and let us know what you gave up by leaving us a note in the memo line when making your donation. Thank you!