Over the next few months, Chhivorn suffered unspeakable abuse.   

You could see it in his face when he first arrived at Hagar’s recovery shelter. He couldn’t make eye contact with anyone. He kept to himself. When he did interact with others, he lashed out at staff and bullied other kids. 

It took months for Chhivorn to feel safe. As staff helped him prepare to testify in court, they noticed changes.  They were small changes at first. He trusted people more and he started to have hope. He attended Hagar’s catch-up school and started to learn new things. 

This confidence has driven Chhivorn to reconnect with his mom. Slowly, their fractured relationship is healing. As he rebuilds his relationship with his family, the pain of his past is becoming his voice for the future. And today, because of generous donors like you, is future is full of hope.  

You can help more boys like Chhivorn become whole again through Hagar’s One Chapter, One Child program.

Education transforms lives, dreams, and futures. A $600 scholarship from your Chapter can break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

When you join the One Chapter, One Child campaign, you commit to raise $600 which provides tuition, uniform, and transportation for one child in Hagar’s Catch Up school (called the Community Learning Center).

Here’s how to get started:

1. Watch a five-minute video to see the school in action. All children enrolled are delayed in their studies, and over 90% of them successfully complete two grades each year! For a DVD version of the video, just contact us.

2, Share Hagar presentation with script of children’s stories, so your chapter knows how they can transform lives. Request the presentation.

3. Determine your fundraising plan. Here’s a list of ideas.

4. Contact us for hard-copy materials, including giving envelopes. We’ll mail them out to you.

5. Hold a benefit concert, organize a walk/run, or take an offering from your IV group: if 30 students give $20 each, it supports a child for a whole year.

6. Send checks to Hagar USA, c/o Town Bank, P.O. 180620, Delafield, WI 53018, or give online.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will we get to know exactly what child (or children) we have supported? We called the boy, above, ‘Chhivorn,’ but that’s not his real name or real photo. Due to the sensitive backgrounds of the children Hagar serves, our child protection policies don’t allow us to share his real identity. For the same reason, we can’t reveal the names, photos, or stories of the children your Chapter supports.

How will we know that our Chapter is making a difference? Although we can’t share updates on a specific child, we will share stories, updates, and photos that protect the identities of real children in Hagar’s care. We’ll send you quarterly updates on children’s progress and school activities.

Can we support Hagar children in prayer? We encourage you and all members of your chapter to sign up for Hagar’s monthly prayer request email. We hope you will join hundreds of others across the United States providing vital prayer support to all aspects of Hagar’s ministry.Join Hagar’s Prayer List

Once children catch up in school, how do they continue their education? After reaching the age appropriate grade, all children are integrated into mainstream Cambodian schools. We promise to support each child to as high an educational level that he/she wants to pursue. Some youth are now attending university, including medical school. According to Hagar Cambodia Manager Sue Hanna:

“I firmly believe that these young people who have healed from their trauma are now poised to make change in their country. There is empathy that we see developing. More and more, we hear them say, ‘I want to help people like me.’”

Education transforms lives, dreams, and futures. When your Chapter supports a child, you help break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Read about Hagar’s Christian identity.

Contact us with questions.