rtpanelIt’s complicated, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous work. But the protection and recovery services are a vital part of Hagar’s support for women and children. We have developed a powerful program, with caring staff, and transformational results. Read below about our programs: Protection, Recovery & Counseling, Economic Empowerment, Reintegration, and Social Enterprise.

At Hagar, each woman and child will walk the journey of protection, personal well-being, economic empowerment and reintegration. It is a wholistic model that keeps the whole person central. It is so much more than just “the rescue”. Hagar’s promise is to do whatever it takes to restore a broken life. And, we have been doing this work for 20 years.

Despite the tremendous betrayal, shame, and loss these children and women have experienced, we believe their futures hold promise. Through our integrated, long-term programs, we have seen these stories turn into beautiful transformations filled with resilience and hope. And we have developed programs that change communities, government, and the future generations.

pleasegiveThis is long-term, unwavering commitment which requires sustained, ongoing resources. The journey requires the help of many people. You can be one of them.
Please help – it is so much more than just the rescue.


More About Hagar’s Wholistic Approach


It starts with being safe. Then the journey to wholeness can start.
Protecting each client can involve helping a woman or child secure identity cards and birth certificates, pursue legal action, testify in a court case, understand his or her rights, or provide other support to help them protect themselves.

Hagar works with governments and partner organizations to ensure the protection of the women and children in our care and trains police and civil society in how to respond. With partnerships with US and local governments and the police, we help advocate for victims to put perpetrators behind bars and unable to continue the ring of abuse.

“Although I struggle, I know education is the bridge to a good future. In addition to learning how to read and write, I also now know my rights and how to protect myself.” – Rangsy

Recovery & Trauma Counseling

Surviving is not enough. A broken life must heal in order to be whole again.

Hagar provides immediate shelter and community-based recovery services, intensive post-trauma counselling, 24-hour support from house mothers, help with medical needs, art therapy, dance, sport, life skills training and other opportunities to develop self-worth, resilience and confidence.


Economic Empowerment

Most women and children come to Hagar with little or no education. Hagar provides early childhood education, formal schooling and scholarships for collegiate-level education. Women receive literacy education and , vocational skills, career counseling. and on-the-job training.

To provide vocational training, on-the-job training and employment opportunities, Hagar maintains a social business investment portfolio and collaborates with a wide variety of private sector partners.

By providing education and employment opportunities for women, Hagar empowers each woman to grow in confidence and provide for herself and her family with dignity. And every child educated will have choices and opportunities in the future.

“As I started to make more friends and build relationships through the program, I found that those connections helped me access better opportunities, including a better job with a higher salary.” – Hagar Client


Belonging and contributing to a community is crucial to becoming whole.

Hagar assists women and children to successfully integrate into the community of their choice by reconciling or reconnecting with family or finding a loving foster home.

By working with families, friends, churches and communities, Hagar creates a healthy, safe and supportive environment for women and children to go home and live happily among loved ones.


Social Enterprise

Financial independence brings a whole lot of dignity. Because it isn’t just about a pay check (though that is important too). Business – social or otherwise – is about dignity. It’s about individuals having the opportunity to take control of their futures, build their confidence, express themselves, and form meaningful relationships with a wider community. It is a place to support oneself and build social capital.

Many woman and youth from Hagar’s programs have no work experience and are still recovering from past trauma. To this end, Hagar Social Enterprise Group (HSEG) partners with and invests in local social businesses that provide meaningful training, employment and career progression opportunities in a safe and supportive work environments for women.

Our partnerships include a solar energy company, and our own bakeries, catering, and facilities management companies.

Our Career Pathways program includes many other rich training experiences and connections, as well.


Here’s How You Can Help

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Provides food and immediate shelter for one child in our Protection program.
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Help feed a child

Your gift of $50

Provides one month of intensive counseling for a child rescued from a brothel.
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Your gift of $100

Supports a woman for one week in a Hagar Shelter, providing food, trauma counseling, legal assistance, recreational activities, and whatever she needs to begin the path to recovery.

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Your gift of $500

Pays for 3 months of job training for a woman, preparing her in the career of her choice.

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The journey is long and we ask for your support so that we can help women and children overcome their trauma; whatever it takes, for as long as it takes.


Featured on Dateline NBC – Original Report and Follow-Up Report

datelineHagar was featured on NBC Dateline in a 2004 documentary, and again in a follow-up program in 2008.

On July 25, 2008, Hagar’s Aftercare Program was featured on NBC Dateline. The hour-long documentary was designed as a follow-up to a 2004 program, when NBC Dateline went on an undercover raid of Phnom Penh brothels. Several girls, rescued at very young ages, have been in Hagar’s care ever since.


“Truly one of the most powerful videos NBC Dateline ever produced. This is such a heartwarming success story. God bless those children (now young women) and God bless Hagar for walking the long road of recovery with them.” – Brian M.


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This is long-term, unwavering commitment
which requires sustained, ongoing resources. The journey requires the help of many people. You canpleasegive be one of them. Please help – it is so much more than just the rescue.