Overcomming the Past. Daring to Dream.


“I learned about myself, how to overcome difficulties, forgiveness and be a stronger person, as if I am a flower that has blossomed beautifully.” -Hanh, 16, survivor of sex trafficking


The room hummed with activity. Each woman, carefully handpicking pens and markers, putting ink to paper.

A giggle....

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Inspiration Amidst Harsh Reality – Law Institute Journal


Former Judge Michael Strong reflects on the work of Hagar after participating in Hagar Australia’s Justice Tour in September. The tour looked at all aspects of trafficking and abuse – from how rescue occurs, to the slow journey through trauma recovery. The group included Australian judges, social workers, CEOs...

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Reflections About Hagar’s Mission

"Whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore a broken life." I was sitting in a large, full airplane, alone with my thoughts on the long flight from Phnom Penh to Los Angeles. My son and I were returning from Cambodia and Vietnam. My son Jason is a...

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Volunteering for Hagar


In May 2013, Shahrzad Mossanenzadeh, 25, left her home in Long Beach, California to take up a volunteer position as Visitor Coordinator with Hagar International in Phnom Penh. Shahrzad has a B.A in Anthropology from University of California Irvine.


How are you settling in Phnom Penh?

I am doing well. I...

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Forgotten No More – Afghanistan Research

Sharing about the “Forgotten No More” research on trafficking of boys in Afghanistan, Jane Thorson – education and technical advisor at Hagar Afghanistan -- visited with interested leaders in DC and the Boston area in October. After meeting in DC with individuals at the U.S. Institute of Peace and then the...

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Frank Thomas, USA board, blogs about Hagar Cambodia

Frank Thomas is a member of the USA board. Learn more about him here.   Last night we took a boat ride down the Mekong River.... didn't see Charlie Sheen, but you could buy Platoon t-shirts everywhere. If you've read some of my blogs, you know that the main work...

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Hagar responds to UN Report on Rape Prevalence

According to a recent UN report on rape prevalence in the Asia-Pacific region, more than 1 in 5 Cambodian men admitted to having raped a woman. Read Hagar’s response in a follow up article in the Cambodia Daily.

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The Unimaginable Wager; Risking it all for Freedom


A story about refugees in Cambodia

by Michael Hirsch, Hagar Cambodia Refugee Project Manager


This is impossible, but try:

Imagine your country is wracked by civil war — bombings, killings, missing persons, interrogations, imprisonments, displacement… Fear so palpable that you feel it in your empty gut, you see it in faces of children...

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Country Leaders 2013 Meeting in Singapore

CL group photo 1
From above left: (Jeff Walsh, Facilitator), Don Lord (Hagar New Zealand Executive Director), Michael Chiam (Hagar Singapore Country Director), Logan Hudgson (Hagar International CMO), Talmage Payne (Hagar International CEO), Ruth Ellison (Hagar International CFO), Sara Shinkfield (Hagar Afghanistan Country Director), Mark Walker (Hagar USA CEO), Vatanak Long  (Hagar International...

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Hagar Vietnam Welcomes New Country Director

Hagar Vietnam's New Country Director
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Hagar Vietnam’s new country director, Rafaela Herrera. [caption id="attachment_4558" align="alignright" width="174"] We are so pleased to welcome Rafaela Herrera to the Hagar family[/caption]   Rafaela was born in Managua, Nicaragua but raised in San Francisco, California. Rafaela has a Juris Doctorate degree from U.C. Hastings...

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