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A Human Trafficking Hot Spot

Though Thailand has made remarkable progress in social and economic development over the years, it remains a trafficking hot spot.

Thailand is a source, transit and destination country for sex and labor trafficking, and increasing online sexual exploitation.

Ethinic minorities, those who are stateless, and people from Thailand’s remote highlands are at heightened risk.

In 2023, LIFT joined Hagar. It works to prevent and prosecute human trafficking by strengthening systems.

Country Snapshot

86 percent at risk


people are estimated to be trapped in human trafficking and modern-day slavery

1 in 11 children

1 in 10

children aged 12-17 years were victims of online sexual abuse and exploitation in 2021.ay

30 percent girls married


only one in every two survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery is identified and supported

Our Work in Thailand

Survivor Care Icon

Survivor Care

  • Holistic support, case management and counseling for women and children who have suffered human trafficking, slavery, and abuse.
Preventing Exploitation Icon


  • Trains community leaders and raises standards and practices to better identify the victims and offenders of human trafficking.
Influencing Change Icon

Systemic Change

  • Collaborates with law enforcement to lift justice systems to prosecute perpetrators and disrupt criminal networks.

Fai Finds Freedom Through Justice

When she was 15 years old, a member of her community asked Fai if she wanted a job serving drinks at a karaoke bar. They paid for her to get to the bar and set her up to live nearby. It seemed like a great offer, but instead turned into a terrible tale of sex trafficking.

Fai’s harrowing story of exploitation ultimately ended in freedom through justice with her brave testimony and LIFT International’s dedicated support.

Read Her Story

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