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A Human Trafficking Hot Spot

Singapore is an attractive transit point and destination country for human trafficking.

Disguised as legitimate recruitment agents, traffickers trick their victims with fake job offers. Young foreign women are lured by the promise of good jobs, only to be trafficked in Singapore.

Hagar has worked in Singapore since 2014 raising awareness and funds for global programs. Hagar has provided victim support services since 2018.

Country Snapshot

30% of workforce


of Singapore’s population are foreign workers.



people are estimated to be trafficked or enslaved in Singapore.

1 in 3 workers

1 in 3

foreign workers in Singapore are lower-skilled and vulnerable to exploitation.

Our Work in Thailand

Survivor Care Icon

Survivor Care

  • Hagar works with the Singapore Government’s Inter-Agency Taskforce on Trafficking in Persons to provide holistic recovery and empowerment services to human trafficking victims
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  • Hagar trains police and partner agencies to identify human trafficking victims. Since 2014, 4,000 frontline staff have been trained in victim identification!

  • Hagar delivers prevention campaigns that reach millions of at-risk people through media and social media
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Systemic Change

  • Collaboration government, NGO, and corporate sectors to strengthen polices, systems and processes that protect those vulnerable to human trafficking, slavery, and abuse.

Sahini’s Journey Home

Sahini was still a child when she began working to support her family.

But her monthly earnings were barely enough to support her mother and brother. When she learned of good jobs in Singapore, Sahini jumped at the golden chance to recreate her future.

Read Her Story

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