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Tam’s Story

For years, Tam shouldered the immense responsibility of supporting her family alone. Neither she nor her husband received formal education. Both their son and daughter were born with cognitive disabilities, putting more strain on Tam and her husband. With few opportunities to earn a living wage, Tam’s family fell deeper into poverty and violence. Tam faced weekly episodes of severe physical and verbal abuse from her husband. Though many in her community

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Lailima’s Story

Lailima’s life before Hagar was filled with adversity. The Taliban’s regime change in 2021 shattered her dreams of education and imposed restrictions on women’s rights. Economic decline led to financial ruin, forcing her into an abusive marriage for relief. She experienced gender-based violence and a sense of despair while trying to support her family and protect her siblings. Hagar’s intervention was a turning point for Lailima. Through Hagar’s Emergency Response and Recovery

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Malis’ Story

When Malis walked through the doors if Hagar’s Home of Love in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, she carried deep physical and psychological wounds. She had been trafficked to China at just 16 years old and forced into sexual slavery and domestic servitude. When she finally escaped, she was arrested and thrown in an illegal detention center before being repatriated to Cambodia. At Hagar’s Home of Love, Malis slowly began her healing journey. Her

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Tuân was two years old when he was trafficked to China

Tuân* was just two years old when he was trafficked from Vietnam to China along with his mother. His mom had been promised a good job across the border, only to be sold to a local man who abused them. “I was terrified,” she says.   When her husband died, Tuân’s mother was forced out of the house and left homeless. Together, she and Tuân scavenged for scraps and trash they could sell

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Mony rebuilds her life

After two years of support, Mony is now thriving in community

A story of resilience unfolds in Cambodia. After two years of support and care from Hagar, Mony* is rebuilding her life and thriving in her community as a seamstress. When Mony turned 18, she moved from her small village in Cambodia to the capital city, Phnom Penh, to start work at a factory. Soon after, an old friend from her hometown reached out and reconnected with her. This friend told Mony about

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Trafficked Cambodian woman

Rana was trafficked by her best friend, today she is healed and thriving

Rana’s harrowing story of being trafficked mirrors the plight of millions of Southeast Asian women.  Rana (name changed to protect survivor privacy) grew up in an impoverished family in rural Cambodia. When her best friend promised her a good job in China, she jumped at the chance. She was going to be a “good daughter” and help her family. But when she arrived in China, her best friend sold her to a

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Pik, LIFT attorney

Fai Finds Freedom Through Justice – A LIFT International Profile

LIFT International operates programs as part of Hagar International. Learn more about the merger here. Fai’s harrowing story of trafficking ultimately ended in freedom through justice with her brave testimony and LIFT International’s dedicated support. Fai* grew up in a hill tribe village in Northern Thailand. “We didn’t have much,” she says. “But we had some, and I was happy.” Her dad made and sold charcoal and her mom was a day

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Mien’s Story

Mien enjoyed spending time with her friends and would often visit her close friend’s rented room for social gatherings and chatting. But one day, she discovered a hidden phone recording her while she was taking a shower. Shocked and terrified, Mien reported the incident to the police, but no evidence was found. The traumatic experience left Mien feeling hopeless and anxious, causing her to lose weight and live in constant fear. She

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Despite it all, I remain unbroken

Like any loving parent, Lua wanted what was best for her and her daughter. She worked tirelessly at her small sidewalk stall in Vietnam, but it wasn’t enough. When a customer approached her with a dream opportunity – the chance to have a high-paying job in the UK – Lua filled in the form, paid the (sizeable) fee, and submitted her identity documents. Lua put everything into the opportunity for the promise

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Empowering Women to Thrive in Freedom

Whether it’s tailoring like Samira (pictured left), farming like Rachana (center) or running a successful cafe like Lua (right), economic empowerment is critical for survivors and vulnerable women to flourish with dignity. Right now, your support is helping 500 women and youth in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam receive career counseling, on-the-job training and business start-up capital. These are crucial skills and opportunities for survivors and vulnerable women to thrive in freedom and

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