Give a Gift of Freedom

Help a survivor like Hoa to not only heal, but rebuild their life.

There are many ways you gift can help. For example:

$15 can provide clothing for one survivor
$50 can provide medical support for one survivor who has a serious health condition
$100 can provide legal support for one survivor for one year
$250 can provide on-the-job training for a survivor in one skill for three months
$3,300 can provide all of Hagar’s services to a survivor for one year


Financial Accountability

Hagar USA is a 501(c)(3) organization, which exists to support the work of Hagar overseas. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Hagar accepts online monetary transactions for donations via its website and we operate a refund policy. If an amount has been entered by mistake or you have made a donation in error, the donation amount can be adjusted or refunded as long as we are notified within seven days of the date of the original transaction. Please contact us if you require a refund. Any credit or refund will be made to the originating card’s account, less any charges incurred.

Other Donation Methods

Donate by mail

If you would prefer to donate to Hagar by mail, please write:

Hagar USA
1609 East Fifth Street, Suite #2
Charlotte, NC 28204

Donate by phone

If you would prefer to donate to Hagar by phone, please call:


Donate via other online methods


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