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The Whole Journey

At Hagar we are committed to the whole journey. The whole journey starts with a survivor, an individual who has experienced severe trauma as a result of slavery, trafficking, or abuse. From the moment that individual enters our care, we work with them to assess what their needs are, and offer a full range of intensive and individualized services. We rebuild trust and resilience.

We can provide a safe place to live, counselling, case management services, legal support, education, and safe, empowering jobs. We create opportunities to ensure that the individual is not simply surviving, but thriving. The whole journey encapsulates each step taken by a survivor toward healing. Our goal is for each individual to be a champion for change in their own life and in the community.

Trauma-informed Care

Hagar is a global leader in supporting those who have experienced trauma to heal, develop their resilience, and lead full, productive lives. We call this trauma-informed care.

The Centre of Excellence for Trauma-informed Care is a collaborative space for academics, fieldwork practitioners, development specialists, and advocates to come together to further research and implement what we believe is the most effective means of recovery for trauma survivors across the globe.


We ensure a safe environment, including legal support, for our clients, staff and caregivers. We use a trauma-informed care approach to ensure the communities in which our clients heal and our staff operate in are safe and supportive. We provide access to legal counsel, as well as case-management and counselling support throughout legal processes.


We empower individuals to recover from the impact of trauma. We train counsellors using methods that are aligned with international best practice and informed by partnerships with leading research universities like Johns Hopkins and Harvard.


We ensure that all those we work with have access to education and economic empowerment services. We create opportunities for our clients through our Community Learning Centre, placements in local schools, employability training, on the job training, and securing scholarships for university.


We amplify the voices and experiences of those we serve to bring about the systemic changes needed to combat human trafficking, slavery & abuse. We partner with governments in all of our operational countries to ensure that change takes place in a systemic, sustainable way.

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