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You can become a change maker by promoting human rights in the workplace, the community, and within government. Encourage companies to have transparent supply chains and to refrain from using child labor. Let politicians know how important it is to ensure survivors of trafficking, slavery and abuse are well-cared for and that perpetrators of such crimes are held accountable. A simple tweet, an email, or a meeting…it can be as easy as that!

  • Request companies to ensure “clean” supply chains and fair wages for employees.

  • Use social media to spotlight corporate champions and those needing to be held accountable for insufficient efforts to protect workers.

  • Write letters to your local, state and federal elected officials telling them that eradicating modern day slavery is important to you. You can research who they are at www.ballotpedia.org.

  • Volunteer your time and talents with organizations working with survivors or who are engaged in advocacy efforts.

  • Research the products you use the most and write to those companies that are not ensuring slavery free products.

  • Our global consumption habits fuel slavery, so any effort to “reduce, reuse and recycle” products or to buy fair trade items has an impact.

  • While you are shopping, politely ask about the origin of products you regularly consume.

  • Encourage your local school system to include the topics of human trafficking, domestic violence and abuse into their curriculum.

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