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So, you watched The Sound of Freedom. Now what?

The Sound of Freedom movie, is a 2023 released film based on a true story. It’s a powerful call to action to confront the harsh realities of human trafficking. As the credits roll, we have the opportunity to channel our shock, horror and sadness about the reality of child exploitation, and take tangible steps to make a difference in the world. So, you watched the Sound of Freedom, now what? Four things

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Trafficked Cambodian woman

Rana was trafficked by her best friend, today she is healed and thriving

Rana’s harrowing story of being trafficked mirrors the plight of millions of Southeast Asian women.  Rana (name changed to protect survivor privacy) grew up in an impoverished family in rural Cambodia. When her best friend promised her a good job in China, she jumped at the chance. She was going to be a “good daughter” and help her family. But when she arrived in China, her best friend sold her to a

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Pik, LIFT attorney

Fai Finds Freedom Through Justice – A LIFT International Profile

LIFT International operates programs as part of Hagar International. Learn more about the merger here. Fai’s harrowing story of trafficking ultimately ended in freedom through justice with her brave testimony and LIFT International’s dedicated support. Fai* grew up in a hill tribe village in Northern Thailand. “We didn’t have much,” she says. “But we had some, and I was happy.” Her dad made and sold charcoal and her mom was a day

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Boeing and Hagar at a training conference.

Celebrating partnership: Boeing and Hagar in Vietnam

The remarkable journey of Hagar’s partnership with Boeing has spanned 13 years. Since 2010, Boeing has supported Hagar’s mission in Vietnam. Through this partnership, thousands of women have overcome trauma and rebuilt their lives. And the government’s capabilities to address these critical issues have grown. Boeing’s commitment has led to incredible outcomes with Hagar in Vietnam. Together, Boeing and Hagar have: ⚫ Helped 20,467 survivors and at-risk women and children ⚫ Supported

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