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Tam’s Story

For years, Tam shouldered the immense responsibility of supporting her family alone. Neither she nor her husband received formal education. Both their son and daughter were born with cognitive disabilities, putting more strain on Tam and her husband. With few opportunities to earn a living wage, Tam’s family fell deeper into poverty and violence. Tam faced weekly episodes of severe physical and verbal abuse from her husband. Though many in her community

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Lailima’s Story

Lailima’s life before Hagar was filled with adversity. The Taliban’s regime change in 2021 shattered her dreams of education and imposed restrictions on women’s rights. Economic decline led to financial ruin, forcing her into an abusive marriage for relief. She experienced gender-based violence and a sense of despair while trying to support her family and protect her siblings. Hagar’s intervention was a turning point for Lailima. Through Hagar’s Emergency Response and Recovery

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Malis’ Story

When Malis walked through the doors if Hagar’s Home of Love in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, she carried deep physical and psychological wounds. She had been trafficked to China at just 16 years old and forced into sexual slavery and domestic servitude. When she finally escaped, she was arrested and thrown in an illegal detention center before being repatriated to Cambodia. At Hagar’s Home of Love, Malis slowly began her healing journey. Her

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Pich Saravody and Sam Sreyna

First-Ever Survivor Alumni Celebration in Cambodia

At Hagar’s first-ever Alumni Celebration, more than one hundred women and men stood strong and honored their recovery journeys. Once traumatized, trafficked, and abused, today, they are accountants, business owners, mechanics, and lawyers who use their stories of overcoming to empower others. During Hagar’s Alumni Celebration event, former survivors shared their stories, offered words of encouragement, and engaged in group discussions to provide their feedback on Hagar’s programs. It was a rich

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hagarusa and one days wages partner to help afghan boys

Hagar USA and One Days Wages

Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages to provide support services for boys experiencing human trafficking and abuse in Afghanistan. HAGAR USA + ODW Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages, a registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that works to alleviate extreme global poverty, to provide support services for boys at the Boys Recovery Shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan? Afghanistan is at the crucible of extreme poverty, economic disaster and

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Raise awareness during the Super Bowl and beyond

Super Bowl, Human Trafficking and Hagar While there is no definitive data that confirms a spike in human trafficking in the host city during the Super Bowl, we can use our collective voice to raise awareness during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Sex and labor trafficking happen in every country and region of the world (and in every US state). To tackle an issue of this magnitude, it’ll

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