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Afghanistan Earthquake Update 🚨

In times of crisis, it’s the resilience and compassion of Hagar’s supporters that truly shine through.

With your support, Hagar’s frontline team in Afghanistan was able to swiftly respond in the aftermath of the earthquakes that hit near Herat in early October.

Four staff members, including a doctor, two counselors, and a logistics manager, were on the ground within just a few days of the earthquakes, working tirelessly to assess the situation and identify immediate needs. Their extensive experience in trauma-informed care and crisis intervention proved invaluable in providing critical support to survivors. They identified 300 families in need of trauma counseling, winter blankets, and clothing.

Just a few days ago, a transport truck (pictured above) full of specialized winter blankets and clothing arrived at villages affected by the earthquakes. The clothing for earthquake survivors was sewn by women in Hagar’s Restoring Lives through Livelihoods project (pictured below). Women who were once vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and abuse, are now helping earthquake survivors.

Hagar’s response to the Afghan earthquakes will continue through the end of December. The more we raise, the more people we can help. 


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