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An’s Story

From overcoming the trauma of abuse, to being a role model in her community. We are so inspired by Ân’s story.

Ân from Vietnam was forced into marriage at just 14 years of age. Like many girls of that age, she really wasn’t mentally, physically, and economically unprepared.

To exacerbate the issue, Ân’s husband did not have a stable job and was struggling with the pressure of having so little money. He would often take out his frustration on Ân through violence.

Sadly, violence is often acceptable in Ân’s community and even when she cried out for support from her mother, she encouraged her to stay with her husband. She slowly felt even more despair and isolation that she one day attempted to take her own life.

We are so grateful that we caught Ân just in time.

At first, Ân walked a journey with her case manager where she was given expert, trauma informed counselling to help her overcome her past. Then her case manager believed it was important for her to be able to stand on her two feet and have financial independence. Therefore, Ân received job placement and training opportunities in tailoring, selling online products, farming and selling fruit to tourists.

Ân found independence.

With her more proactive approach, Ân was also able to mend her relationship with her husband and they are now able to work together to find positive solutions and resolve conflict together!
Ân’s strength and independence inspired her husband to find work and on top of that, she’s now a role model for her community!

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