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Celebrating partnership: Boeing and Hagar in Vietnam

Boeing and Hagar at a training conference.

The remarkable journey of Hagar’s partnership with Boeing has spanned 13 years. Since 2010, Boeing has supported Hagar’s mission in Vietnam.

Through this partnership, thousands of women have overcome trauma and rebuilt their lives. And the government’s capabilities to address these critical issues have grown.

Boeing’s commitment has led to incredible outcomes with Hagar in Vietnam.

Together, Boeing and Hagar have:

⚫ Helped 20,467 survivors and at-risk women and children

⚫ Supported 48,620 caregivers, dependents and trained social protection staff

⚫ Reached 725,626 people with prevention messages through social media.


Boeing Vietnam Country Director and Hagar staff.
Mr. Michael Nguyen (left), Country Director for Boeing Vietnam learns more about The Whole Journey to Restoration with a Hagar staff member.

Through Hagar’s partnership with Boeing, we’ve seen the following outcomes:

Healing and Empowerment:

With Boeing’s support, Hagar has walked the whole journey of restoration with thousands of survivors, enabling them to lead independent, dignified lives. By addressing survivors’ needs, we’ve also strengthened local authorities’ responses.


In partnership with Boeing, Hagar has worked to prevent re-traumatization and generational abuse. We’ve increased awareness among vulnerable individuals about the strategies employed by traffickers. And we’ve educated families and local authorities about the impact of trauma. This knowledge is pivotal in safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Systemic Change:

Boeing’s support has empowered Hagar to create a society that is more vigilant and committed to eradicating these crimes. Through advocacy campaigns, workshops, and public events, we’ve raised awareness and changed policies, laws, and practices related to human trafficking, gender-based violence, and sexual abuse.

As we look ahead to the future, Hagar is excited to further strengthen our partnership with Boeing. Together, we can support even more people in Vietnam and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Boeing and Hagar at a training conference.
On October 26, 2023, Hagar hosted a workshop called “Challenges and Solutions to Support Children Experiencing Sexual Abuse.” Four Boeing representatives attended.

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