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East Coast journey fosters connections and collaboration

Hagar is fortunate to have supporters and partners all over the United States and Canada. Last week, members of our international team visited Washington, D.C. and New York City to deepen relationships with key stakeholders, partners, and supporters. Beginning in the US capital, the team hit the ground running with a series of meetings with partner organizations, prospective supporters, and policy makers. One of the key events in D.C. was our meeting

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Hagar Partners with A21 in Cambodia

Hagar Partners with A21 to Provide Foster Care for Child Victims of Human Trafficking in Cambodia May 21, 2024 – Hagar has just signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to extend our partnership with A21 in Cambodia. Hagar’s partnership with A21 began in Cambodia in May 2022. A21 is a global anti-trafficking organization with programmes in 14 countries. Hagar and A21’s partnership in Cambodia works to provide foster care for trafficked

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Hagar Achieves Accreditation from BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Highlighting Excellence in Leadership, Finances and Mission-Driven Work May 16, 2024 – By meeting key standards of board oversight, finances, results reporting and fundraising appeals, Hagar USA achieved accreditation by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. This accreditation signifies that Hagar is deserving of donor trust as they are a well-run nonprofit organization. “As a charitable organization, we rely on the passion and action of generous Americans to achieve our mission,” said Catherine

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First human trafficking case filed by Solomon Islands partner

Just recently, Hagar’s local partner in the Solomon Islands filed its first human trafficking case with the police. The Solomon Islands is a small Pacific island nation with a big human trafficking problem. But trafficking is widely misunderstood in the country and often remains invisible. Most cases are not reported to the authorities. Two years ago, Hagar expanded to the Solomon Islands to address this issue. Hagar’s team has worked to raise

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investing hagar

Why investing in Hagar is a good return for you

Why investing in Hagar is a good return for you. As tax season rolls around, many of us have money on the brain. Maybe you’re analyzing how you spend your money, or brainstorming ways to save more money this year, or dreaming of what you’ll do with a tax return if you receive one. Or perhaps you’re wondering how you can use your resources to invest in creating a better, more hopeful

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Pich Saravody and Sam Sreyna

First-Ever Survivor Alumni Celebration in Cambodia

At Hagar’s first-ever Alumni Celebration, more than one hundred women and men stood strong and honored their recovery journeys. Once traumatized, trafficked, and abused, today, they are accountants, business owners, mechanics, and lawyers who use their stories of overcoming to empower others. During Hagar’s Alumni Celebration event, former survivors shared their stories, offered words of encouragement, and engaged in group discussions to provide their feedback on Hagar’s programs. It was a rich

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hagarusa and one days wages partner to help afghan boys

Hagar USA and One Days Wages

Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages to provide support services for boys experiencing human trafficking and abuse in Afghanistan. HAGAR USA + ODW Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages, a registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that works to alleviate extreme global poverty, to provide support services for boys at the Boys Recovery Shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan? Afghanistan is at the crucible of extreme poverty, economic disaster and

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Raise awareness during the Super Bowl and beyond

Super Bowl, Human Trafficking and Hagar While there is no definitive data that confirms a spike in human trafficking in the host city during the Super Bowl, we can use our collective voice to raise awareness during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Sex and labor trafficking happen in every country and region of the world (and in every US state). To tackle an issue of this magnitude, it’ll

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So, you watched The Sound of Freedom. Now what?

The Sound of Freedom movie, is a 2023 released film based on a true story. It’s a powerful call to action to confront the harsh realities of human trafficking. As the credits roll, we have the opportunity to channel our shock, horror and sadness about the reality of child exploitation, and take tangible steps to make a difference in the world. So, you watched the Sound of Freedom, now what? Four things

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Boeing and Hagar at a training conference.

Celebrating partnership: Boeing and Hagar in Vietnam

The remarkable journey of Hagar’s partnership with Boeing has spanned 13 years. Since 2010, Boeing has supported Hagar’s mission in Vietnam. Through this partnership, thousands of women have overcome trauma and rebuilt their lives. And the government’s capabilities to address these critical issues have grown. Boeing’s commitment has led to incredible outcomes with Hagar in Vietnam. Together, Boeing and Hagar have: ⚫ Helped 20,467 survivors and at-risk women and children ⚫ Supported

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