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Rachana and Savan are rewriting their children's future free of exploitaiton

Rachana rewrites her and her children’s future

Rachana and her husband Savan desperately wanted to provide a hopeful future for their two children. But their tiny village near Cambodia’s border with Thailand had few job opportunities. There was never enough money to buy food, let alone pay for their children to go to school. As the demands piled up, Rachana and Savan fell into debt. When they heard about high-paying jobs in Thailand, they sent their children to stay

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Samira sews her way to freedom

When Samira was introduced to Hagar, she felt sad and hopeless. She’d experienced countless financial pressures and hardships throughout her young life. During her first pregnancy, Samira and her husband couldn’t afford for her to eat a healthy diet or to seek proper medical. When Samira lost the baby, she suffered from trauma and emotional distress.    At Hagar’s Restoring Livelihoods program, Samira trained to be a tailor. She quickly gained the

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As Jacob heals, his love for learning grows

When Jacob* arrived at Hagar, he was sad and angry. He was only 12 years old but trauma was already etched on his face. Instead of warmth and safety, Jacob’s life at home was rife with violence and danger. The abuse and threats from his stepfather were severe and they happened almost every day. Jacob felt his only hope was to run away from home. In the middle of the night, Jacob

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Ngan Hanh Blossoms After Trauma

Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for each of its clients. To protect the identity of our clients, names have been changed and images do not necessarily represent the individual profiled.

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Binh’s Journey to Independence

Used to the city’s most noisy and difficult place- the wholesale market since childhood, Binh forged herself to be tough, resilient and independent to survive in a harsh environment. But no matter how strong her voice was, her sound was mute at home. In her house, nothing could be heard except her husband’s cursing, shouting and beatings. Binh had interacted with Hagar before and after receiving support and advice, she thought she

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Dang and her children find new hope

Like many girls who grew up in the Northern mountainous region, Dang did not receive family support for her education due to financial hardship. She always dreamed about wearing a uniform and going to school like other girls, however she found herself having to carry her family’s responsibilities at a very young age.​ Furthermore, lacking the ability to speak or write in the national Kinh language, Dan faced many difficulties and had

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Dan’s Story of Healing

What would be the most precious moment in your life? For Dan, it was her reunion with her mother in Vietnam after 17 years of being trafficked in China. Dan’s father died when she was young, and her mother had to work hard to make ends meet for her family. Therefore, Dan always tried to find more work to help out her mother. Knowing Dan’s families’ struggles, their neighbor offered to help

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From lost trust to hope – Minea’s Story

Minea (not her real name) is currently 22 years old and was born to a poor family in Phnom Penh. A few years ago, Minea quit her studies to work at a garment factory with her older sister to help support her family. In 2018, a “friend” preyed on her precarious family situation and trafficked her to China, via a network of brokers, on the pretense of marrying a nice man and

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Tien has a bright future before her

 Tien was trafficked from Vietnam to China at the young age of 16, where she was sold to 3 different Chinese men. Almost 2 years later, she managed to escape back to Vietnam but due to financial difficulties, she couldn’t continue her studies and instead, took up a job at her uncle’s coffee shop to make money. To make things worse, her hopes of things getting better were dashed as the people

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Hy’s story of overcoming

“Is this the right thing to do? Am I a bad mother?” Those thoughts had haunted Hy’s mind for years when she made the tough decision to leave her abusive husband and took her daughter with her. As a child, Hy always felt like a black sheep in her family because she was diagnosed with the chronic skin disease condition, vitiligo. Having an abnormal appearance come hardship, as it became a plausible

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