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Become an Empower Partner

Join our community of monthly donors who are helping to free and heal communities from the trauma of trafficking, slavery, and abuse. 

Whether you give $5 or $500 every month, your generosity goes a long way!

Meet some Empower Partners who are helping to prevent trafficking and provide survivors with the care they need to heal and thrive.

“I give to Hagar monthly because it keeps me accountable and engaged with the work that is going on within the countries Hagar serves. I literally pause for a moment when I give and think about the clients that are being served specifically in Afghanistan and hope they are encouraged by my support.” – Debbie

“The issues of human trafficking and forced slavery are, to me, the most important and least discussed issues of our day. The work done by Hagar on the front lines of rescuing and assisting victims is incredibly important and pays back in each life saved. If my monthly donation can help even one person become free then it’s more than worth it. While I do occasionally give special gifts, I feel it’s even more important to let Hagar know that I’m there supporting them day in and day out.” – Kevan

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