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Hagar’s Birthday Reflections

Hagar's Birthday Reflections

In the next month Hagar will celebrate our 24th birthday, a remarkable feat in the world of international development. I am proud to have celebrated the past 4 of those with Hagar, both in Cambodia and in the USA. You may be asking “What has sustained the organization through the years?” I believe there are a number of factors that I’d like to highlight for you below. Hagar has:
– a clear mission, vision, and strategy that permeate throughout our global network;
– generous donors around the world who care deeply about those who suffer from human rights abuses;
– high quality services that have earned Hagar a strong international reputation;
– staff who are deeply committed to serve survivors and their families to ensure that they recover;
– strong collaboration with other non-profits, governments, and leading academic institutions; and sadly,
– a steady flow of survivors of such egregious acts continuing to be in need of recovery and empowerment services.

Hagar stands ready to be the voice and advocate for the #MeToo’s in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam who are seeking a path to justice, healing, hope and a brighter future. Consider making a one-time, or recurring monthly gift of any size to say “Happy Birthday, Hagar!” Your gift will ensure survivors continue to have access to much needed recovery services. Thank you for your ongoing kind thoughts, prayers and generous support!

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