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Why investing in Hagar is a good return for you

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Why investing in Hagar is a good return for you.

As tax season rolls around, many of us have money on the brain. Maybe you’re analyzing how you spend your money, or brainstorming ways to save more money this year, or dreaming of what you’ll do with a tax return if you receive one. Or perhaps you’re wondering how you can use your resources to invest in creating a better, more hopeful and just world.

Three ways investing in Hagar is a good return for you:

1.You can help prevent human trafficking and support survivors.

When you donate to Hagar, your generosity funds programs in the Asia Pacific region that help thousands of women and children heal and rebuild their lives, equip communities to prevent exploitation before it starts, and transform the systems that fuel human trafficking, slavery and abuse. 

Human trafficking and modern slavery affect 50 million people every year. That’s more than the populations of Georgia and California combined. These horrible crimes take place in every country and region of the world and are threaded in the clothes we wear, the food we consume, and the electronics we use each day.

invest in hagar and help survivors heal

2. Being generous doesn’t just do good, it feels good too!

Giving to others isn’t just beneficial for the recipients, it’s also good for us! Study after study has proven that donating to non-profits and charities enhances our sense of happiness and well-being, and carries many health benefits.

Not only does investing in Hagar’s work help women and children to reclaim their freedom and dignity, but it also fosters a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose knowing we’re making a difference in someone else’s life.

3. You could earn potential tax benefits.

Charitable giving can provide significant tax benefits that reduce your tax liability. Because Hagar is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. When you invest in Hagar’s work, you could optimize your finances and reduce your tax liability while knowing your generosity is helping to prevent human trafficking and support survivors in their healing journeys.

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