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As Jacob heals, his love for learning grows

When Jacob* arrived at Hagar, he was sad and angry. He was only 12 years old but trauma was already etched on his face.

Instead of warmth and safety, Jacob’s life at home was rife with violence and danger. The abuse and threats from his stepfather were severe and they happened almost every day.

Jacob felt his only hope was to run away from home.

In the middle of the night, Jacob fled his house for the streets of Kabul where he was a prime target for traffickers. But before tragedy could strike, a kind police officer found him and referred him to Hagar.

Hagar’s frontline team provided Jacob with safe shelter, health care, and counseling. Jacob also began attending school for the first time in his life. At first, he didn’t like school and found it hard to concentrate. But as he attended counseling sessions to process trauma, he discovered a new love for learning.

Jacob is now getting good grades in school and trying new activities that he enjoys like baking and making handicrafts.

Hagar’s team is working with Jacob’s mother and stepfather to ensure they have the resources and support to provide Jacob with a healthy family life that is free of abuse and exploitation.

*Name and image changed to protect survivor privacy

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