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Lailima’s Story

Lailima’s life before Hagar was filled with adversity. The Taliban’s regime change in 2021 shattered her dreams of education and imposed restrictions on women’s rights. Economic decline led to financial ruin, forcing her into an abusive marriage for relief. She experienced gender-based violence and a sense of despair while trying to support her family and protect her siblings.

Hagar’s intervention was a turning point for Lailima. Through Hagar’s Emergency Response and Recovery (ERP) and Restoring Lives through Livelihood (RLL) projects, she received counselling and psychological support to overcome her trauma. Hagar also provided vocational training in tailoring and business development, empowering Lailima to pursue a career in business and transform her life.

Now, Lailima is a beacon of hope, leading the successful Dashte Barchi tailoring cooperative providing employment and economic opportunities for women. Lailima has been expanding the cooperative’s impact by exploring new markets and product lines. Supported by Hagar, she overcame adversity and now inspires other women to pursue their dreams.

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