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Longdy Advocates for Human Trafficking Survivors at UN Assembly

Longdy Chhap, former human trafficking survivor, turned Hagar Cambodia Counsellor advocates for freedom at the United Nations General Assembly.

22 November 2021, New York – a former survivor of human trafficking and now Hagar Cambodia counselor and trainer, Longdy Chhap will be appearing as a panelist at the United Nations General Assembly for the 2021 Appraisal of the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

 The event will be officially broadcast on UN WebTV.

The purpose of the meeting is to assess the progress made to date in combatting human trafficking, any gaps and challenges, including the implementation of the relevant instruments.

We at Hagar believe it’s important to have the voice of survivors shape the dialogue when we are seeking solutions in the fight against human trafficking, and we are proud to empower survivors to amplify their voices in this way.

Longdy believes in the importance of all humans playing their own small part in seeing change in this space. This is why he is so passionate to continue to advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking, who have endured the trauma he experienced.

“I may not be able do everything at one time, but at least I can do something in this time. If you just start by doing something, even it’s a small act, it can bring a smile to both you and someone else.” – says Longdy Chhap.

 Having contracted Polio at age 4 and his family lacking the funds to cover his medical bills, Longy’s parents agreed to let a broker take him all the way to Thailand to beg on the streets and earn money for the family.

Little did they know that they would never see a dollar come their way and that Longdy had in fact been tricked into being trafficked to Thailand.

If Londgy would make no money, the brokers would give him no food to eat. He would also often get beaten by other homeless people on the street and they would take his money and run. However, Longdy could not even stand on his own two feet to chase after them.

Fortunately, the local police rescued Longdy and he was brought back to Cambodia and referred into Hagar’s care.

Fast forward many years, Longdy not only found freedom, he studied to become a counsellor and is now working with Hagar Cambodia as both a counsellor and trauma-informed care trainer. He’s also a husband, father and a world advocate to combat human trafficking.

“I was once a beggar, but now I’m a counsellor.” – says Longdy Chhap.

You can learn more about Longdy’s incredible story here.

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