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Mien’s Story

Mien enjoyed spending time with her friends and would often visit her close friend’s rented room for social gatherings and chatting.

But one day, she discovered a hidden phone recording her while she was taking a shower. Shocked and terrified, Mien reported the incident to the police, but no evidence was found.

The traumatic experience left Mien feeling hopeless and anxious, causing her to lose weight and live in constant fear. She tried confiding in her friends, but their advice did not address her emotional pain, and ultimately a rift grew between them.

Mien knew she needed help and sought out Hagar. Instead of judgment, she found solace and understanding. With the help of her counselor, Mien learned that her reaction to the traumatic incident was normal and she began to take control of her emotional well-being. She engaged in self-care, nurtured her friendships, and focused on her business endeavours.

Hagar’s approach to respecting each survivor’s unique trauma proved invaluable to Mien’s healing journey.

Today, Mien feels stronger and capable of handling the challenges life throws her way. She expresses her gratitude and emphasizes the importance of patience, compassion, and empathy in supporting survivors of abuse. Hagar’s belief in empowering individuals to overcome difficult times has made a significant impact on Mien’s life, helping her regain hope and confidence.

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