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Proeumprei’s Story – Recovery in Cambodia

*Proeumprei was badly let down by people she, and her community, thought that she could trust.

Several years ago, Proeumprei was attending classes at her local church to learn English and computer skills with other children from her community. Families in the community trusted the church and its leadership and were grateful for the opportunities that the church were providing their children to have fun and learn.

However, Proeumprei was eventually raped by one of the church leaders as were some of the other girls who were attending. This was a deeply traumatic time in Proeumprei’s life. She later explained how she initially felt lucky to go to these classes and didn’t expect at all that such a thing would happen to her by people that she trusted. She said of its impact:

“I was so painful and hurt in my heart and body and I thought that my life was in the black curtain without the good future.” 

Hagar met Proeumprei in 2017 when she was 21 years old, and once she had been treated for her physical injuries, she begun to receive Hagar’s counselling and case management services in Battambang so that she could begin to heal emotionally as well. Hagar staff have walked the recovery journey with Proeumprei, and over time, she has begun to overcome the trauma of her experiences. In addition to helping her heal and overcome her trauma, Hagar and our partners have also supported Proeumprei in some vocational training so that she will be able to provide for her family going forward.

“I was so lucky to get the support from Hagar’s service, as since I had been working with the social staffs, then I had been better from one day to one day.”

The church leader who was responsible for raping Proeumprei and others was taken through the court process in Cambodia. He lost in both the Provincial and Appellate courts and then he took his appeal to the Supreme Court. However, before the Supreme Court had made its ruling, the church leader died.

Proeumprei is now married with two young children. She is thrilled about the fact that she has the skills to be able to provide for her family and make sure that her children have a good education.

“I am very happy to be stable with my job and income and I think that if I have opportunity and skills and then I can make money for supporting my family. I would like to say thanks to Hagar and other friends who are always with me to support on feeling and skills to make me able to support my owned family easily.”

Because of Hagar, and our wonderful donors, we have been able to transform Proeumprei’s life together. When we first met her, she was hurting and traumatized from her experiences. Now she is 25 years old, thriving, healed from her trauma and able to provide for her own small family with confidence.

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