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Sahini’s Journey Home

Sahini's journey home

Sahini* was still a child when she began working to support her family.

Her mother was ill and her younger brother had an intellectual disability. The responsibility fell to Sahini to earn enough to make ends meet.

But her earnings were barely enough for the family of three.

With limited job opportunities available, Sahini started to look for opportunities abroad.

A trafficker seized the opportunity to lure her to work in Singapore. Sahini was promised a high-paying job as a cultural dancer.

Sahini hoped this new opportunity would lift her family out of poverty. She quickly accepted the golden chance before her.

But her hopefulness did not last long.

When she reached the sunny island, she realized she’d been tricked. Sahini was forced to dance in a club and be physically intimate with customers against her will.

This was not what she had signed up for but she had no choice but to endure the exploitation; there was no way of escape.

Sahini was later rescued by local authorities and referred to Hagar for help.

With Hagar’s support and assistance, Sahini began to heal from the psychological abuse she had suffered. Hagar frontline team in Singapore helped her find safe, dignified employment at a factory.

Sahini was thriving at her workplace and received bonuses for being a stellar employee. With the income she received, Sahini was able to send money back home and save up for her own future.

During COVID, Sahini returned home to support her critically ill mother. With Hagar’s help, Sahini was able to see her mother through the last few weeks before her passing. The loss of her mother was a huge blow for Sahini. During those months of mourning, Hagar continued to provide Sahini with emotional support and counselling.

Today, Sahini has resettled well into her community. Hagar continues to follow-up with her through regular contact.

*Name and image changed to protect survivor privacy

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