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First human trafficking case filed by Solomon Islands partner

Just recently, Hagar’s local partner in the Solomon Islands filed its first human trafficking case with the police.

The Solomon Islands is a small Pacific island nation with a big human trafficking problem. But trafficking is widely misunderstood in the country and often remains invisible. Most cases are not reported to the authorities.

Two years ago, Hagar expanded to the Solomon Islands to address this issue. Hagar’s team has worked to raise the capacity of our local partner to respond to human trafficking and support survivors.

When a young woman entered our local partner’s care several months ago, the team knew she’d been trafficked. With Hagar’s support, the local counsellor and case worker were able to provide her with high-quality care. Meanwhile, Hagar trained our local partner to equip the community and police in trafficking awareness.

Through these efforts, the survivor felt empowered to press charges against her trafficker. 

When our local partner filed the human trafficking case, it was a big steps toward justice and restoration.

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