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Supporter Spotlight – Tim Lee

Tim Lee, monthly donor profile

Hagar’s work is only possible because of the dedication and compassion of our donors. Each month we profile a supporter who, through their generosity, is helping to bring healing and hope to survivors around the world. 

Tim Lee, Monthly Donor

1. Tell us a little about yourself – work, family, where you’re from, what you do in your spare time?

Hello! My name is Tim and I’m from Southern California. I currently work for a non-profit organization called IFES. In my spare time, I love playing board games, hiking, and going on food adventures.

2. How did you hear about Hagar’s work and what drew you to the mission?

I was looking for a non-profit that focuses on human trafficking and found an article on 7 non-profits leading the fight against human trafficking. All of the ones listed have incredible missions, but I chose Hagar because it emphasized healing, care, and recovery. Also, the organization’s name resonated with me as one of my favorite songs “God Who Sees Us” by Gloria Fanchiang is inspired by the character Hagar.

3. Human trafficking, slavery and abuse can feel like big issues to tackle. How would you encourage someone who is wanting to get involved but is unsure of how?

It can often feel paralyzing or even hopeless for issues as big as these. However, while the statistics and systemic issues can be overwhelming, it is so important to remember that within those numbers, there is an individual, that each restored life is significant, and I am invited to be a part of that. Though I cannot be a part of that healing process directly, I can resource and encourage those who specialize in this type of work. For someone who wants to get involved, I would say that the first step is to learn about the issues and the organizations that deal with them. Non-profits often provide options on how to get involved, so choose the ways to partner that feel right for you.

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