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Survivor Care

When a survivor is rescued from trafficking, slavery, or abuse, they need a safe place to heal.

Hagar’s safe homes and community-based care programs are havens of healing.

Holistic support helps each survivor process trauma and grow in confidence and resilience.

Whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore life and dignity.

Hagar’s Survivor Care Programs are:

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Hagar's Survivor Care programs use a trauma-informed approach. Our work is grounded in the knowledge that trauma can impact the whole person, mind, body and soul.

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No two people are the same, and neither are their healing journeys. Hagar's Survivor Care programs keep the whole person front and center and address each individual's unique needs.

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The effects of trauma often run deep. That's why Hagar provides long-term, empowering care. This commitment transforms the lives of survivors, their families, and their communities.

Safe Homes

Hagar’s Safe Homes are short-term havens of protection, refuge, and healing. Each survivor is welcomed with open arms and starts their healing journey.

Caring house parents, social workers, and trauma counselors monitor each individual’s progress.

Every survivor receives the specialized support they need to heal and thrive like counseling, medical care, nourishing meals, legal aid, education, and a loving community of support.

Community-Based Care

Hagar’s Community-Based Care programs provide holistic recovery services for survivors within their communities. A social worker monitors each individual’s progress and connects them to the specialized support they need to overcome trauma and thrive.

Community-based care services include:

  • Foster care for children whose parents or family members were complicit in their trafficking
  • Trauma therapy and family counseling,
  • Medical care
  • Legal aid
  • Education and economic empowerment services

“My house mother and Hagar staff loved me, cared for me, smiled at me, and encouraged me to stay strong. This gave me hope and helped me gain back my strength.”


Sex trafficking survivor, Cambodia

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