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Lailima’s Story

Lailima’s life before Hagar was filled with adversity. The Taliban’s regime change in 2021 shattered her dreams of education and imposed restrictions on women’s rights. Economic decline led to financial ruin, forcing her into an abusive marriage for relief. She experienced gender-based violence and a sense of despair while trying to support her family and protect her siblings. Hagar’s intervention was a turning point for Lailima. Through Hagar’s Emergency Response and Recovery

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hagarusa and one days wages partner to help afghan boys

Hagar USA and One Days Wages

Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages to provide support services for boys experiencing human trafficking and abuse in Afghanistan. HAGAR USA + ODW Hagar USA is partnering with One Day’s Wages, a registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that works to alleviate extreme global poverty, to provide support services for boys at the Boys Recovery Shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan? Afghanistan is at the crucible of extreme poverty, economic disaster and

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When Disaster Strikes, We Stand Together 

Hagar Responds to Afghanistan Earthquake  In the heart of Afghanistan, a devastating earthquake has left a trail of destruction. On October 7th, 2023, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck near Herat in western Afghanistan. Located just two hours from Herat city, this disaster has rocked 20 villages, leaving behind profound devastation. The death toll has surpassed 2300, and more than 10,000 injured. Homes have been reduced to rubble, and countless families find themselves

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Samira sews her way to freedom

When Samira was introduced to Hagar, she felt sad and hopeless. She’d experienced countless financial pressures and hardships throughout her young life. During her first pregnancy, Samira and her husband couldn’t afford for her to eat a healthy diet or to seek proper medical. When Samira lost the baby, she suffered from trauma and emotional distress.    At Hagar’s Restoring Livelihoods program, Samira trained to be a tailor. She quickly gained the

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